Brandon McNamee
Brandon McNamee

Brandon McNamee

Brandon has struggled his entire life with severe anxiety, depression, borderline OCD as well as ADD. At the age of 18 he admitted himself into an inpatient facility for mental health.

At 21, he put his father on a plane with a one-way ticket to California, hoping if he was out of the picture, his brother and mother and he would begin to heal from years of emotional abuse at the hands of an alcoholic. Brandon then threw himself into work and at 23, was a top salesperson in his office at Coldwell Banker. He married, had a daughter, and then his world crashed down when he lost his brother/best friend to addiction. All of his past struggles came back tenfold, and he didn’t work, eat, or sleep for months, now also suffering from extreme PTSD over losing Nick.

When Covid hit in 2020, Brandon knew he wouldn’t do well at all isolating, so he started the very popular social media sensation: “The End Is Near So Let’s Drink Beer”.

Realizing the reach of the group he founded now has, he made it one of his life goals to help others who struggle with the same things he does and to share experiences in order help others. He hopes to erase the stigma that comes with mental health issues and addiction, making others feel more at ease discussing their problems openly.

Mike Wellington

Michael Wellington

Michael Wellington is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. He is a mental health activist, public speaker, broadcaster, consultant, and professional golfer. He is the founder and chairman of, an organization that helps raise awareness and funding for mental health. He lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

2001: Correctly diagnosed with bipolar disorder

2006: Spent 33 days in Barnes Hospital because of a bipolar manic episode

2006: Called 55 games for the University of Missouri baseball program

2007: Only golfer ever to make a hole in one on a par 4 at the PGA TOUR Q-School
-8 career holes in one & 8 different hospitalizations for bipolar manic episodes

2010: Hosted “Nick & the Badger” sports talk on 1380 ESPN &

2012: Founded Birdies4Bipolar, a non-profit organization that aids Veterans

2016: Released “Birdies, Bogeys & Bipolar Disorder” Foreword by David Feherty

2012 to Present: Presented speaking engagements all over the United States
about the realities and stigmas involving mental illness

2016 to Present: Worked with families as a bipolar coach/consultant

2018 & 2022: Caddied in the U.S. Open for Chris Naegel at both Shinnecock Hills
& The Country Club at Brookline, respectively